Important Hair Treatments

Important Hair Treatments

There are several hair treatments out there. It’s always important to treat your hair on a regular basis to incorporate the moisture and protein that natural hair greatly needs to thrive.


Pre-pooing is wonderful with tangles and reduces breakage. Spray a warm water/oil mixture onto unshampooed hair, gently section off your hair, while finger detangling, twist each finished section. When all the hair is done, cover with a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes. Sit under a steamer for 10minutes for added conditioning benefits whenever possible. Shampoo your hair and follow your regular wash regimen.

Deep Treatment

Deep treatment is a great help with softening your hair because it eases manageability since it restores protein to your hair. How do you use a protein filled creamy conditioner? Spray your hair with warm water to slightly get it wet. Gently section off your hair, apply ing a generous amount of the Deep Treatment on each section from root to the hair tips (while detangling), then twist each hair section away. When all the hair is done, cover your head with a plastic cap for at least two hours or sit under a steamer for 45 minutes. Shampoo your hair and follow your regular wash regimen.

Leave-in Treatment

Leave-in treatment is the ultimate with restoring the washed-out nutrients and oils to your craving hair strands. After shampooing hair, apply a generous amount to dampen your sectioned off hair from root to tip. Then style as desired. Remember, it’s important to apply a little leave-in between washes for enhanced nourishment.
*We always advise our customers never to shampoo their hair if they do not have a leave-in treatment.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oils treatment gives an abundance of moisture restoration to your hair. Use light oils such as coconut, olive oils, etc, or any oils of your choice. Warm the oils (by placing oil container in a bowl of hot water). Apply the now warm oils to freshly washed hair in sections from root to tip while slightly detangling and twisting the sections away. Always remember to massage the scalp. Cover your hair with a plastic cap for at least one hour; for best results leave the cap on overnight for full oil penetration. Rinse out the excess oils with warm water or leave the oils in as desired.

The four above hair treatments are necessary for increased moisture retention and protein enrichment for soft, shiny, smooth, manageable kinky, coily and curly hair.
Making the four treatments part of your regular hair routine will show great improvements to your natural hair texture (softer), sheen, stronger and elastic hair strands for length retention and improved heat protection for straight hair styles.
You can use oils, butters, honey, yoghurt, fruits and vegetables of your choice. Don’t forget to blend and sieve the fruits and vegetables into a puree.
Oh! By the way, these treatments are good for people with relaxed hair too