Nissi Naturals has a few locked hair care tips for our sisters and brothers with locked hair.  Hair locking is a journey which varies from person to person, usually thicker hair locks faster than thinner hair.

Regular care and maintenance with the right products will give you gorgeous locks while promoting hair growth.

  1. Have a good loctician - especially when one is starting the lock hair care. Tell them your desired look and the size of your locks (big, medium or small).
  2. Massage your scalp regularly for at least 5 minutes to stimulate hair growth.
  3. Re-twisting your hair too often will thin your hair at the roots which leads to breakage.
  4. Night time hair care is important. Learn to wear a satin nightcap before bed or sleep on a satin pillow case to protect your hair from drying out, since friction with your beddings will cause your locks to break.
  5. Always moisturize - Kinky, curly, coily hair needs moisture to thrive hence the need to use a moisturizing spray daily or as desired.
  6. Hot oil treatments are great for moisture retention - once every two weeks.
  7. Wash your locks once every two weeks with a clarifying shampoo (Nissi Naturals Hemp Shampoo/Body Bar), and do a final rinse with apple cider vinegar mix (apple cider vinegar – 1 tablespoon mixed in one cup of water) to eliminate flakiness. Locks take time to dry, frequent washing might leave the locks damp which attracts mold.
  8. Avoid products with petroleum, bees wax, paraffin wax; these will cause build up in your locks and are impossible to wash out.
  9. Avoid putting hair products onto your scalp. It promotes build up making your locks look unclean.
  10. Use products with light oils to moisturize your locks.


Look out for the new Nissi Locked Hair management kit, which is coming soon!