Cafe Rhassoul

Cafe Rhassoul

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Cafe Rhassoul  Bar – Is a  2-in-1 Bar that cleanses and detoxifies your natural hair and skin without stripping and damaging the hair follicles or over drying the skin. Like all our other shampoo bars, the Cafe Rhassoul  Bar is free of sulfates and silicones, and it’s made mostly with gentle moisturizing oils that are easy on the hair. This bar lathers so beautifully.

All Natural Ingredients:

Palm Kernel Oil, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Morrocan Clay, Coffee, Glycerin, and Peppermint Essential Oils. 

This Shampoo bar is all natural and contains no silicones, parabens or sulphates.

Please Note: Always place your natural shampoo bar on a soap dish in a dry place away from the water; the glycerin in natural soaps is a humectant that draws moisture and causes the soap to disintegrate. because it easily dissolves when exposed to water.